Six Sentences by Maria

03 Oct
1) Please r____ me to call Jim at nine.
2) I'm trying to j__ m_ m____ about where I put my keys.
3) Lisa is you ? I didn't r____ you.
4) Have you c____ this number to memory ?
5) The traffic accident is fresh in his m_____.
6) I want to quit my c____ job.

CB ex2 p19 Alexandra

03 Oct

1. She is unable to sleep because of _______ to the accident.

2. The teacher _______ the vocabulary list from the dashboard one all the students had written it down. 

3. If you spent lee time on _______ , you'd get more work done. 

4. One of my _______ looks like a sea monster. 

5. James delivered a _______ translation to his client. 

6. His _______ leadership attracted a huge following. 

Jimmy 6 Sentences quiz

03 Oct

1) She is trying to b_____ _____ memories from the accident.

2) The latest  c____ _____  iphone 11 costs 1200$ and it is really expensive.

3)  Laptops can m______ a lot of data at the same time 

4)  Peter had been looking for a theatre role which could s_____ all his talent.

5)  Some of my classmates remember all the things that we study and we learn  everyday such as history w____ ___ ____.

6) Last year we had a  c_______ teacher. She wasn't severe at all  and she made us love maths.

Sb ex2 p19 by Paraskevi

03 Oct

1. Jim has a pretty good sense of humor! His jokes are always sow_ !

2. French was so boring yesterday! Everyone was d_ all the time!

3. Oh, I know I've met you again, but I just can't remember! Can you give me some clues to _ my memory?

4. If you want to become a good English learner, you need to _ it. 

5. Schools in Europe are all equiped with _ technology. 

6. George used to _ Jane. However, I don't see them out together anymore. 


02 Oct
Test Chris tzamalis <3

test j

01 Oct

this is what we do!!!!

29 Sep

test paraskevi



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20 Sep


‘Cars are getting higher!’ (Joanna B)

02 Nov

 Now that we are talking about technology evolution, I'd like to show you a next big step in science, which is awesome! A new 'flying car' which will take us into another level and will be sold in 2017! Check it out: